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What sets Snake River Staffing payroll service apart from others?

 Our payroll service is designed to be simple, online, and affordable, offering unique benefits for businesses. Here's what makes us stand out:  

   Online Convenience: Our payroll service is completely online, allowing employers to process payroll conveniently from anywhere, at any time. No more manual paperwork or visits to a physical office.
   Time-saving Solution: By streamlining the payroll process, we save valuable time for both employers and employees. With just a few simple steps, payroll can be processed within minutes, freeing up more time for core business activities.
   Cost-effective: We understand the importance of affordability, especially for small businesses. Our payroll service offers competitive pricing, allowing businesses to access comprehensive payroll features at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional payroll providers.


How does the online payroll process work?

Our online payroll process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Here's a general overview of how it works:
Enter Employee Data: Employers input employee information, such as hours worked, wages, and relevant deductions, into our secure online portal.
Calculate Payroll: Our system automatically calculates employee wages, taxes, and deductions based on the provided data.
Review and Approve: Employers have the opportunity to review the payroll summary, make any necessary adjustments, and approve the final payroll.
Payroll Disbursement: Once approved, payroll funds can be directly deposited into employees' bank accounts or printed as physical paychecks.


 Is Snake River Staffing's payroll service suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! Our payroll service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small businesses. We understand the unique challenges and budgetary constraints faced by small businesses, and our service offers an affordable and scalable solution that meets their payroll needs effectively.


How secure is Snake River Staffing's payroll service?

The security of our clients' data is a top priority for us. We employ robust security measures, including encryption, firewalls, and regular system audits, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of payroll information. Our online platform is built with industry-leading security standards to provide a secure environment for processing and storing sensitive payroll data.


What advantages does Snake River Staffing's payroll service offer to employees?

Our payroll service is designed to provide several advantages for employees. Here are some key benefits:
Convenient Access: Employees have the flexibility to view their compensation and benefits information at their convenience. They are not limited to being in the office on payday. Through our secure online platform, employees can access their pay stubs and review their complete payroll history from anywhere with internet access.
Direct Deposit: Our payroll service offers the convenience and security of direct deposit. Employees no longer need to visit a bank to deposit their paychecks manually. Their earnings are automatically deposited into their bank accounts, ensuring timely access to their funds on payday.
User-Friendly Interface: Our online platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for employees to navigate and access their payroll information. They can quickly retrieve their pay stubs, review deductions, and access relevant tax documents.
Complete Payroll History: Employees have access to their complete payroll history, enabling them to track their earnings, deductions, and tax withholdings over time. This comprehensive view empowers employees to monitor their financial records and make informed decisions.
Enhanced Privacy and Security: Our secure website ensures the privacy and security of employee information. Employees can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive payroll data is protected through robust security measures and encryption protocols.


 Is technical support available for employees using Snake River Staffing's payroll service?

Yes, we provide technical support to employees using our payroll service. If employees have any difficulties accessing their pay stubs, navigating the online platform, or have general questions related to payroll, they can reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance. We strive to ensure a seamless experience for employees and offer prompt resolution to any technical issues they may encounter.


What documentation is needed for you to process my payroll?  

 1) Payroll Services EFT Agreement; 

2) State Power of Attorney (some may need to be notarized); 

3) Tax Information Authorization; 

4) Proof of Prior Balances (or most recent QTD/YTD reports). 

We request that you provide the following information shortly after being set-up as a customer: 

1) Copies of quarterly and annual returns; 

2) Tax deposit coupons; 

3) copies of state registrations; 

4) SUI Rate Change Notice. 

These documents will help facilitate future tax filings and payments


When are funds for quarterly taxes deducted? 

All funds for a current payroll, including tax liabilities, are typically deducted 2 days prior to the check date. 


Do I need extra software or equipment? 

No. All you need is an Internet connection and you're in business. You can even process payroll from your mobile device. You never have to install, upgrade or maintain any software or hardware. 

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